26 Jul 2016

F.A.Q Frequent questions

Policies and restrictions Extra Rent Ibiza rental company motorcycles, cars and bicycles in Ibiza.


1. Loss of accessories, motorbike rental service, scooters, cars and bicycles in Ibiza:


In case of loss of accessories, you will pay too much for the amount you specify in our offices.


2. Collection and return of the rented vehicle in Ibiza:


You can pick up and return the vehicle at the airport or in our offices in Ibiza Port (In front of the boats Formentera).


3. Information on drivers, motorbike rental service, scooters and cars in Ibiza:


When you are ready to pick up the car, motorcycle or scooter, to make payment, you will be asked the user to sign a lease. It is denied reservation:

Minors, drivers without permission or not satisfying the requirements of credit or payment.


4. Legal obligations for service rental bikes, scooters, cars and bicycles in Ibiza:


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law, which applies in matters not provided therein regarding the interpretation, validity and execution.

The parties expressly submit to the courts of the place of performance of the obligation to settle any dispute that may arise in the interpretation and / or execution of these General Conditions.


5. Process service reserve rental bikes, scooters, cars and bicycles in Ibiza:


To use the book, users paid the consent of the General Conditions.

It is required by the user to perform the following:

– Selection of reservation data.

-Screen Offer including price applicable booking service vehicles.

– Fill in the required fields.

– Reading and acceptance of the General Conditions.


6. Restrictions when renting your car in Ibiza:


Your users that do not meet the requirements established by the General Conditions Law.

7. Insurance and Coverage for rental services of motorcycles, scooters, cars and bicycles in Ibiza:


Wide possibility of hiring different toppings. From booking you can buy one of our insurance that best suits your needs. You can also do it from our offices.


8. Fuel, conditions when renting your car in Ibiza:

The maximum comfort for you. You can handle yourself or leave it in our hands. Consult!